Cause Chronic Kidney Failure My personal experience

Cause Chronic Kidney Failure My personal experience

Cause Chronic Kidney Failure (Reason): CKD


  • Negligence about health care, I would like to say this is main cause chronic kidney failure CKD


  • Heavy alcohol Consumption. One of my friend neighbor in hospital bed whose kidney got failured due to heavy alcohol consumption. He drinks daily a half bottle Brandi.


  • Having Fast food and junk food


  • Low blood volume


  • Dehydration (for example, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, fever)


  • Less care about our health


  • Less water intake


  • Having Medication example without prior doctor consultation, taking medicine for hair loss, pain killer, etc. I was affected by this case; I had taken medicine for hair loss. After two months of taking medicine, I got kidney failure symptom. So guys do not take this kind of medicine, In same time one of my friend also affected due to this medicine. This is main cause chronic kidney failure


  • Pain killer always kills your kidney silently


  • High blood pressure. This is also my case. Due to hypertension I have lost my kidney. HighPer tension or high BP will happen due to work tension, family issue, stress etc. Guys at least once in a month please check your BP.


  • Nephrotic syndrome, having kidney problem at small age, I had suffered at the age of 8th. First doctors said to me” Nephrotic syndrome”. Later doctor said that highper tension (High BP).


  • Poor control in diabetes


  • Kidney stones


  • Polycystic kidney disease



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Normal Kidney and Failured Kidney

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